With fire and rock & roll on their savage hunt through the deserts … four of the LORDS OF SALEM

The new single & videoclip “Eternal Love” by LORDS OF SALEM is an emotional ballad that deals with the theme of love-not only in life, but also beyond death. With their unique combination of profound lyrics and powerful music, the band once again manages to touch and captivate their listeners.

“Eternal Love” takes us on an emotional journey through different facets of the concept of love. The lyrics are poetic and poignant at the same time; they describe the feeling of unconditional devotionand the longing for a connection beyond this world. This is accompanied by a musical arrangement full of passion: gentle piano sounds merge with melodic guitar playing and are carried by a sensitive voice.

The song invites you to let yourself fall into its melancholic atmosphere and think about the meaning oflove. It provokes thought about our relationships with one another-whether romantic or friendly-andhow these connections can continue even after death.

With “Eternal Love” the LORDS OF SALEM once again prove their extraordinary talent for hauntingsongs. Her ability to skillfully capture deep emotions and translate them into music makes her anoutstanding figure within the rock music scene.


This single is an absolute must-have for all lovers of soulful ballads who would like to embark on anemotional journey. With “Eternal Love” the LORDS OF SALEM have once again proven that they areamong the greats-not only in terms of their musicality, but also in terms of their ability to touch usdeep in our hearts

Here is our 3rd single "Miss Demoness" listen on all your favorite platforms, do it loud !!!

LORDS OF SALEM has entered into a collaboration with CURTAIN CALL RECORDS (USA), we are looking forward to what is to come.

our 2nd single "The Hills Have Eyes" is out, listen on all your favorite streaming 

Here the new Video for our first single "Summoned Them From Their Graves" 

watch here our teaser for the new first single "Summoned them from their Graves"

So now we're doing this official, our all time beloved friend "Ole" is the new drummer in LORDS OF SALEM, give the boy a warm welcome, THANK YOU

NEW VIDEO for - I'm so Goth -

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NEW DIGITAL SINGLE - I'm So Goth - & New Label 7hard

out 10-28-2022

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Pre-Save-Link: klick here


Label: 7hard / 7us Media Group


we are confirmed for Russian Metal Open Air BIG GUN 2021

we will be playing July 3st.

first show with "Holly" the new 6 String 

Hello friends & enemies!! On June 24th the new Digital Single & Video "Devil Girl From Mars" lands on our planet - to enjoy at all of your favorite streaming space stations ...

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watch here the new videoclip for our "Monster Girl"

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Fucking C-Virus Live Video

Live Performance at "Save the Summer 2020"

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watch here the "Zombie Monkey Woman" Lyric Video, have fun and share it with your freinds ...

watch our brand new video "Rock n Roll Machine" from our EP “Hell over Salem”,
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watch our brand new video "Hell over Salem" from our EP,
love it or hate it, but share it ...
Listen to it and / or purchase it digitally via Bandcamp:
or purchase a physical CD via our shop (delivered worldwide)
Video: https://youtu.be/6FJNFqZ5nh0


EP “Hell over Salem”, which will be released on October 2018.

the LORDS OF SALEM can’t be pigeonholed. They present their explosive mix with a chunky and unique sound. The largest festivals, major labels, „the Lords are coming“ ….


The EP "Hell over Salem" was mixed and mastered by "Achim Köhler" (Primal Fear, Brainstorm, Sonic Syndicate, ...). The pre-production & recording was completed together with "Roland Hrastinski".


The band will be out in October and December for a few shows, and the first shows & festivals are already booked for 2019 ...

Endless pain. Endless love.

From the expanses of the dark wasteland after the world went down in the blazing light, the Lords of Salem came to the scene. After the reestablishment of the city of Salem, they have, on their flag, written to hunt down all heretics and to bring them to their righteous punishment. Witches, mutants, and other scum of the wastelands who do not want to join and serve the lords are mercilessly extinguished, their names erased for all eternity. But this hunt is relentless and harsh, since, along with the persecution of apostates and Outlaws, they are always looking for vital resources such as water and gasoline to satisfy the thirst of their PS-strong vehicles and their own thirst.


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